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How to shop online with The Grocery Delivery Company

Online Food Shopping & Grocery Services | The Grocery Delivery Company

We do grocery delivery differently. With climate-controlled delivery and white-glove service, you’ll think it’s better.

  • You shop

Filter by dietary needs, shop organic produce, discover unique local brands, and save on weekly specials.

  • You schedule

Enjoy next-day delivery everywhere and same-day in some areas, plus even more options to fit your life.

  • We deliver

For our professional drivers, delivering your online food shopping is a career, not a side gig. They’ll only pick the freshest groceries for your home.

Getting it right — every time

When. It comes to customer satisfaction, we’re never satisfied. Share your feedback, and see what these customers have to say.

Antony Haas

When I first tried them in April my goods were delivered in 3 Days. Without any issues, this shows how smooth the process is nowadays. Back in the 80’s we could only dream about this kind of service. I told my neighbor’s about Grocemania and now am big fans of them; also, they have nice ice cream deals which I order for my grandchildren.

All the things you want, everywhere you shop.

We know you have your go-to products online food shopping from your favorite stores. That’s why we deliver from local and national retailers people love – like Target, Petco, or CVS.

Discerning shoppers make the difference.

You wouldn’t want red tomatoes for your fried green tomato recipe, would you? Our shoppers are producing perfectionists that keep an eye on online food shopping for your preferences.

Get up-to-the-minute updates with every order.

Forget to add something to your list? If we’re still in the aisle, you can still get it delivered.

Delivery to your doorstep.

online food shopping Fresh produce, Milk, Eggs, and more. Our shoppers help you get everything you need.

Think you know grocery delivery? Think again.

Shipt is committed to providing you with exceptional service, insanely fresh produce, and Shipt Shoppers you can trust. Whatever you need – it’s in the bag.

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