Welcome to The Grocery Delivery Company

Our Values: C E R Q


We are committed to our employee’s care and development and in turn that will be reflected in the service they will provide.


Customers can tap into, collectively, over 70 years of products knowledge and experience when engaging with our team.


We are adaptable to market changes and our customer’s needs.


It is our belief that a consistent high level of product quality & customer service is essential to delight customers.

About the

We are a team of highly experienced individuals who have been motivated to come together to support local households and businesses. The origins of our trade lies in supplying high profiles chef in London. But with the recent massive changes to the UK food sector, we are bringing that expertise of service, product knowledge and customer care into your home.

Why should

choose us?

There has been, over the years, a blurring of the supply of great quality food ingredients into households and restaurants. As chefs, consumers and parents, you are driven, lovingly, to provide the best quality food to members of your family with what is trending in the market. With our exposure to some of the greatest and the most creative chefs in the industry, you are able to tap into and cook with the same ingredients that are used in the most famous restaurants in the UK.

Allow your family to enjoy the best ingredients with love and care from our Depot to Your Doorstep.